The concept of customer experience has reached greater heights in the B2C segment, especially when it comes to product customization, real-time tracking updates, after-sales service, etc. Looking at this, customers in the B2B space are demanding an experience that is parallel to the B2C experience. However, the very nature of engineer-to-order manufacturing makes it very complex for manufacturers to provide such an experience.

But the customer plays a pivotal role in ensuring the success of the project. Unlike conventional manufacturing, they are deeply involved in the concept and design phases of the product. Therefore, ETO manufacturers have to walk that extra mile to strive and provide an optimum customer experience throughout the sales and product lifecycle.

How can ETO manufacturers enhance customer experience?

Customer First Approach

Customers want to be in complete control and in the thick of things when it comes to their custom orders. They want to be involved in product research, design, procurement, and production phases so that they get the exact product they have envisioned. In short, customers want real-time progress updates about their orders at all times. 

A powerful, feature-rich ERP software enables ETO manufacturers to track real-time operations and provide constant updates to customers. 

Speedy Response to RFQs

Enhancing customer experience starts right from the moment, an RFQ is received. Given the very nature of ETO manufacturing, a manufacturer typically spends months creating a near-perfect quotation and estimate. However, their aim is always to roll them out at the earliest so that it translates into a sales order. Customers are happy when they get a first-hand experience of the manufacturer’s efficiency in the form of an immediate response to their RFQ. It reinforces the customer’s belief in their decision to go with a particular manufacturer. 

Expediting Product Design

Arriving at an accurate product design that reflects the concept of the customer is a critical milestone for an ETO manufacturer. With an ERP’s integration capability with industry-leading CAD applications, manufacturers can create accurate product designs and 3D models. They can simulate the operational capabilities of the product in a virtual environment and make necessary changes as per the customer’s needs. Based on the CAD design, manufacturers can arrive at an accurate Bill of Materials (BOM) and routing without much effort. This further translates to purchase orders to procure raw materials/parts/sub-assemblies or work orders to start manufacturing. 


An integrated Customer Relationship Management (CRM) provides an all-around view of customer interaction right from the lead to the sales stage. Every communication with the customer is stored in the ERP’s centralized database and can be accessed from the CRM module. Manufacturers can provide instant info to any customer query or requirement by instantly accessing their data in CRM. This improves customer response and satisfaction levels.

ERP Mobility

With an ERP’s ability to be accessed anywhere, anytime from any mobile device, manufacturers can add agility, flexibility, and instant responsiveness to their communication. They can instantly respond to customer queries from home, office, field, or the factory floor. This improves customer relationships, customer satisfaction and builds trust and brand value. 

Customer Portal

ETO manufacturers can provide access to an ERP’s in-built customer portal to their customers. This allows customers to securely access their order details, quotes, invoices, RMA, past order history, shipping info, current order status, product info, etc. Customers can also use a product configurator from within the portal. They can also download product manuals, quality certificates, warranty certificates, item specifications, etc. 

Service Management

ETO manufacturers can provide world-class service to their customers with an ERP’s robust Service Management functionality. Using a one-stop service management tool, they can keep constant track of field service work orders; create & schedule service tickets, assign labor, equipment, and logistics to carry out efficient servicing at client locations. 

Refer to our blog to read more about ERP’s Service Management capabilities. 


ETO manufacturers have countless engagement touchpoints at each phase of an order, from quotation to delivery, and the onus is on them to create an excellent experiential environment for their customers. To do this, they would need to automate their workflows and digitally transform their systems so that customers get a real-time view of their product evolution.  

Adopting a powerful, flexible, and scaleable ERP is the first step. 

OmegaCube ERP is specially designed for engineer-to-order manufacturers. With its vast features and powerful functionalities, it can automate workflows and business processes with ease. 

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