OmegaCube ERP for Production Managers

Plant Supervisors, Production & Operation Managers have to ensure seamless, uninterrupted production at all time. This means, they will have to closely monitor their manufacturing processes, machine performance & utilization, labor availability, material availability etc. and take proactive, calculated, informed decisions based on real-time data they receive.

With OmegaCube’s Production Management, MES and Shop Floor Management solutions, they can easily achieve these objectives and ensure that they minimize production costs, efficiently drive production, achieve just-in-time delivery and improve profitability.

OmegaCube ERP for Plant Supervisors & Product Managers

The OmegaCube ERP platform is a single source system that helps you automate your work flow, become more responsive and continually improve performance. It adapts to your changing business needs.

Increase production efficiency with shop floor automation and real-time flow of data between machines and personnel.
Improve machine, material & manpower utilization, reduce material wastage, production & shipment delays.
Improve customer satisfaction by delivering high quality products right on time, every time.
Improve time to respond and mass product recall in case of part/product defects.
Ensure availability of tools, repair equipment for quick response to machine/equipment breakdowns.
Quickly arrive at accurate job costings, margins and estimate vs actual costs.

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