OmegaCube ERP – Designed to ‘Fit like a Glove’ to your Enterprise

OmegaCube ERP is a flexible, integrated enterprise-class software that adapts to your way of operating your business. It is a comprehensive system consisting of core manufacturing and distribution processes with the capability of seamlessly integrating with industry-leading systems.   

OmegaCube ERP allows you to become increasingly responsive to changing customer demands through seamless automation of workflows and business processes, improved operational efficiency, optimum resource utilization, and enhanced productivity. 

It enables you to achieve your enterprise goals of exponential growth and profitability. 

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Get Ahead. Go Digital

Make the most of OmegaCube ERP’s digital capabilities & features that your enterprise requires to stay ahead of your competition.

Customize as Necessary

Customize your OmegaCube ERP, build applications, & configure workflows with a low-code approach to automate workflows.

Get Flexible. Go Cloud

Deploy OmegaCube ERP as a cloud application or on-premises. Easily transition between cloud and on-premises.

Get Up and Running Quickly

Our implementation process is tailor-made for your enterprise, thereby helping you achieve a swift & smooth transition to OmegaCube ERP.

Tailor-Made Solutions Designed to Fit each Industry Type

Collaborating with industry-leaders to give your enterprise, a world-class solution

Our Customers are Our Purpose and Our Strength

“People expect that an ERP system will allow them to run their business exactly how they want to, but more often than not the ERP system is the glove and you’re the hand that has to squeeze into it. Not so with OmegaCube. They helped us meet our vision rather than requiring us to formulate our processes around their solution.”

Jeff Adams President Laser Precision, LLC

“We have everything running through OmegaCube and people across all disciplines interact with the system. If we want to know anything about production, sales, a particular job, maintenance on a job or raw material costs on a job we only have to go one place to look for it. That’s powerful.”

Dan Carioggia President Interplex Daystar, Inc.

“Yes, absolutely. We would recommend OmegaCube ERP to our peers. No manufacturer is the same, no leadership is the same and that’s where OmegaCube ERP fits in. They can adapt to the processes and culture easily and that’s the most amazing part about them.”

Jonathan Bishop CFO, Power Brace Manufacturing

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