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Many Small & Medium manufacturers operate their enterprise with siloed business processes, manual communication systems, over-reliance on spreadsheets & paper-documentation and legacy software too. As a result, the entire manufacturing workflow slows down due to missing, incorrect or incomplete information and lack of proper coordination. In the long-run, it leads to wastage of time, resources and money, thereby bringing down the overall manufacturing efficiency.

On top of it, they are repeatedly challenged by ever-changing customer demands, volatile global & economic conditions, dynamic operating models, and everyday technological disruptions. As a result, enterprises are constantly in a fire-fighting mode, preventing them from pursuing their business goals and achieve exponential growth.

To sustain competitive edge, manufacturing and distribution enterprises need to propel their organization with advanced technology, efficient business processes, calculated decisions, highly motivated manpower and strategic thinking.

That’s where OmegaCube comes in!

OmegaCube – Driving Workflow Automation for Manufacturing Enterprises Since 1999

At OmegaCube Technologies, we strive to push manufacturing and distribution enterprises to the next level of operability & efficiency by automating their workflows end-to-end, provide comprehensive flexibility and help them achieve their enterprise goals.  

We believe that no two companies are alike or operate exactly in the same manner. Each enterprise needs flexibility in their systems in order to stay ahead of the competition. Every enterprise knows their business too well, and an ERP software should adapt to their business in a manner they want and not exactly as it treats the competitor.

Since 1999, OmegaCube has been providing enterprise software solutions to manufacturing and distribution enterprises across industries such as Metal Fabrication, Aerospace & Defense, Automotive, Industrial Machinery, Electronics, Medical Manufacturing and more. 

Our in-depth knowledge on manufacturing and distribution segments coupled with strong application expertise, implementation skills makes us a reliable partner, helping you to seamlessly transform your manufacturing organization into a well-connected enterprise running on improved business processes and workflows.

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OmegaCube ERP – Technology that drives Flexibility for Manufacturing Enterprises

Our flagship product, OmegaCube ERP is a comprehensive enterprise resource planning software designed for small and medium-sized manufacturing & distribution enterprises. 

It is a highly flexible enterprise solution, consisting of powerful tools that enables manufacturers from diverse industries to realize strategic goals such as, centralized plant operations, cost reduction, increase in production & efficiency, knowledge centralization, workflow automation, increase in machine, manpower and material utilization. 

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Key Features

OmegaCube ERP features a proprietary developer studio that allows you to extend, customize and build your own applications and incorporate unique business rules into the system. 

Our in-house team of ERP experts and consultants develop, implement and support our customers’ varied business requirements. Using innovative tools and techniques, we have successfully enabled Small & Medium manufacturing enterprises to effectively meet their business needs, sustain profitability and become more competitive.

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Industries Served

Our in-depth understanding of each industry segment enables us to deliver world-class enterprise solutions to meet their unique requirements.

What our Customers have to say about us?

“People expect that an ERP system will allow them to run their business exactly how they want to, but more often than not the ERP system is the glove and you’re the hand that has to squeeze into it. Not so with OmegaCube. They helped us meet our vision rather than requiring us to formulate our processes around their solution.”
Jeff Adams
Laser Precision, LLC

“We have everything running through OmegaCube and people across all disciplines interact with the system. If we want to know anything about production, sales, a particular job, maintenance on a job or raw material costs on a job we only have to go one place to look for it. That’s powerful.”
Dan Carioggia
Interplex Daystar, Inc.

Our Technology Partners

We work with a range of technology partners who complement our products & services and share our common goal of serving manufacturing and distribution enterprises with enterprise-class solutions. 

By partnering with various organizations, we aim to provide the best solution to our customers and add immense value to their business. Engage with us to offer a comprehensive ERP system to your customers. You also have the ability to add your own custom module or functionality to the system.




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