OmegaCube ERP for Supply Chain Managers

Supply Chain Managers and Personnel have a greater challenge of keeping track of shipments that arrive at the manufacturing facility till they leave the facility/warehouse as a finished product. They also have to ensure that time-to-recall is quick and accurate so that defects can be contained quickly, recall costs are less, supplier’s quality is consistent and customer satisfaction remains unaffected.

OmegaCube’s Supply Chain Management solution ensures comprehensive real time visibility over your supply chain operations and performance enabling you to take quick informed decisions.

OmegaCube ERP for Supply Chain Managers

The OmegaCube ERP platform is a single source system that helps you automate your work flow, become more responsive and continually improve performance. It adapts to your changing business needs.

Digitally collaborate with suppliers and procure materials in the right quantity, at the right time for the right price.
Reduce procurement costs and inventory overstocking by timing your purchases based on various factors.
Decrease supply chain costs pertaining to inventory overstocking, expedited shipments, warehouse storage & labor.
Ensure procurement of quality materials from seasoned suppliers to improve quality compliance.
Quickly trace materials to its exact source within the entire supply chain and improve customer satisfaction.
Improve supplier performance and long-term collaboration by providing self-service capabilities.
Integrate with third party applications and systems to automate supply chain workflows & improve efficiency.

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