OmegaCube ERP for Quality Managers

Quality Control and Management is one of the critical aspects of manufacturing. Consistently manufacturing & delivering quality products that adhere to various industry compliance standards is a challenge every manufacturer faces. It is the responsibility of a Quality Manager to ensure that quality levels are maintained at each and every stage of manufacturing through regular inspections, records, and timely action in case of any deviation.

OmegaCube ERP’s Quality Management solution assists quality managers and personnel to overcome complex customer requirements, production processes to deliver high quality products and ensure customer satisfaction levels are maintained throughout.

OmegaCube ERP for Quality Control Personnel

The OmegaCube ERP platform is a single source system that helps you automate your work flow, become more responsive and continually improve performance. It adapts to your changing business needs.

Comply with quality standards for various industries such as Automotive, Aerospace, Metal Fabrication etc.
Improve material utilization, reduce material wastage, reduce quality failures at each manufacturing stage.
Digitally record, track non-compliance information to a centralized location for data accuracy & quick accessibility.
Analyze quality parameters for procured parts, suppliers, processes, personnel, tools, equipment & the final product.
Advanced product traceability that improves customer response time & minimizes product recall.
Be ever ready for quality audits and inspections via latest version of quality control documents.

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