We always talk about data and data analytics being the core of any manufacturing or distribution enterprise and how the unification of data from multiple sources and systems is the key to exponential growth and success. 

This unification can happen by automating existing workflows that run on manual, spreadsheet and legacy systems with a capable ERP system. An ERP enables enterprises to track operational data in real-time and present it in a contextualized, visualized manner relevant to their employees from the top floor to the shop floor. 

The system eliminates manual processes and silo-based systems and provides relevant information to different functional departments such as sales, inventory, production, quality, engineering, accounting, shipping & logistics etc. for them to efficiently perform their tasks. 

But what are the data types that an ERP records and tracks for each functional area/department? Let’s find out in the below infographic.


These are just some of the critical data that an ERP tracks for a manufacturing or distribution enterprise. 

With OmegaCube ERP’s powerful tracking features for each functionality, manufacturers can get a real-time view of their day-to-day operations and track key parameters. From the shop floor to the top floor, everyone has data at their fingertips enabling them to make the right decisions and improve overall productivity and profitability.

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