OmegaCube ERP for CFOs & Finance Department

The role of the CFO and the entire Finance department is to ensure that the manufacturing organization’s financial health is secure, and unnecessary costs are kept to the bare minimum. At the same time, increase profitability of the organization.

The CFO has to take various external factors such as ever-changing global economic scenario, fluctuating customer demands, technological progress, reducing product life cycles, increased competition etc. and find new ways of responding to them.

OmegaCube ERP’s accounting and financial management solution provides the best platform for CFOs and finance department to efficiently manage their processes and gain comprehensive visibility over financial health of the organization.

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OmegaCube ERP for CFOs and Finance Department

The OmegaCube ERP platform is a single source system that helps you automate your work flow, become more responsive and continually improve performance. It adapts to your changing business needs.

Get real-time, comprehensive view of your organization’s financial health & performance across all manufacturing facilities & departments.
Reduce quality and wastage costs by complying to industry and statutory standards/regulations.
Increase margins and profitability by reducing overhead production costs.
Improve bottom-line by decreasing procurement costs, storage costs, production delay costs etc. with timely purchase of adequate materials.
Keep constant check on costs at each manufacturing stage across all departments.
Analyze real-time financial information, analytical trends, comprehensive reports to take quick proactive decisions.

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