Enterprise operations involve a lot of paper in the form of transactions, documents, invoices, reports, procedure documents, designs, blueprints, etc. From a financial, operational, and environmental perspective, the impact of procuring, printing, storing, maintaining, and distributing these documents to various stakeholders is very high. Not to mention, the risks involved such as misplacing or losing important documents, losses arising out of typographical or human errors, and rising operational bottlenecks due to document distribution delays. 

To eliminate all these potential issues, you should consider automating your document distribution workflows and go paperless with the Automated Document Distribution feature within ERP software.

What is the Automated Document Distribution feature in OmegaCube ERP?

Automated Document Distribution is a feature that allows you to design emails with documents that can be pre-scheduled to be sent to various stakeholders at once. 

You can send all types of documents such as invoices, purchase orders, sales orders, reports, dashboards, etc. in PDF format with the email and send them to your clients, suppliers, and vendors. 

This feature can be easily set up within the ERP for all kinds of documents pertaining to Accounting, HR, Inventory, Sales & Purchases, Shop-floor, Maintenance etc. 

The document distribution can be a one-time or a repetitive activity depending on your requirement. In case of a repetitive activity, you can schedule these emails on an Hourly/Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Quarterly/Half Yearly/Yearly basis.

Key Benefits of Automated Document Distribution

Paperless Operations

Automated Document Distribution eliminates the use of paper in day-to-day operations. You can directly email documents, invoices and reports that are generated from within the ERP in preferred formats. This cuts down the immense time required to print, scan and post/email it to respective stakeholders for approval or end-consumption.

Also, these documents are stored electronically within the ERP’s centralized database, thereby eliminating the possibility of misplacing physical copies.

Workflow Automation

The entire workflow of distributing vital documents to your stakeholders such as customers, suppliers and personnel becomes streamlined and error-free. Your customers don’t have to wait for an invoice as they receive it once their product is ready, leading to quick ARs. If you are low on inventory, your ERP immediately dispatches an auto-approved purchase order to your supplier, thereby cutting down on valuable time. 

Waiting for your physical documents to get approval signatures is the thing of the past. Auto approval rules can be set up for specific processes thereby eliminating this time-consuming process of waiting up on approvals. 

Also, data entry is drastically reduced and most documents can be auto-generated based on the information present in the ERP itself. 

Access from Anywhere

The mobility feature of today’s modern ERP enables your personnel to send, receive and approve documents from anywhere, anytime from any supported devices and browsers. Be it CXO level executives or a shop-floor supervisor or a warehouse worker who are always on the move, they all get real-time alerts for document approval or for end-consumption. This ensures that they don’t miss out on critical information. 

Reduced Interruptions & Delays

Automated Document Distribution eliminates the need to print countless documents, wait for approvals and dispatch it to stakeholders. Also, the possibility of misplacing or losing an important document doesn’t exist, thereby eliminating possible operational interruptions and production delays. Time is saved, costs are saved and operations are continuous and smooth.

Reduced Costs

Automated Document Distribution eliminates the cost of,

  • Procuring large quantities of paper.
  • Storing and transporting them between factories and warehouses.
  • Printing the papers and maintaining the printers.
  • Posting printed documents to stakeholders.
  • Losses arising out of production delays due to typo errors, late approvals, misplaced and lost documents.

Enhanced Security

If you are worried about anybody accessing any document, then you can breathe easy. Permissions and enhanced data-security features ensure that you can set user-permissions and read/write access for each document set. This means that respective documents can be accessed only by personnel who are allowed to. 


Automated Document Distribution ensures that your stakeholders get the right document, at the right time in the right format. This improves overall efficiency of your personnel,  your stakeholders and your enterprise as a whole. Workflow automation of document creation and management ensures greater collaboration between stakeholders, improves communication, reduces errors and associated costs. Personnel get more time to spend on their core-duties rather than create documents from scratch. Apart from saving lots of dollars by going paperless, you also benefit the environment. 

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