Problems manufacturing and distribution enterprises face with processing customer payments

Manufacturing and distribution enterprises accept payments from their customers through check deposits, bank-to-bank transfers, or via POS machines, and even mobile payment applications.

They have to manually generate an invoice, email it to the customer and wait for the customer to make the payment. Post payment, enterprises have to manually enter the details within their accounting or ERP software.

The time taken for the enterprise to process the payment (especially in case of check deposits) and see the cash within their account takes time. This increases their order-to-cash cycles and affects their bottom-line.

Some enterprises opt for third-party applications that enable them to accept payments through debit or credit cards. While this definitely ensures quick payment from customers and instant cash in their accounts, they may pay some hefty fees in the form of payment processing charges for each transaction. This definitely puts a hole in their profitability and bottom-line. In addition, digital security is a massive concern as the applications might be susceptible to online-fraud such as, phishing, payment and customer data-breach etc. 

How does OmegaCube ERP solve this problem?

We at OmegaCube Technologies have partnered with Century Business Solutions to provide an integrated Credit Card Payment Processing system within our Accounting & Finance Module through the PCI-compliant EBizCharge payment gateway.

EBizCharge payment gateway integration offers extensive payment features coupled with robust data security that manufacturing and distribution enterprises require to handle sensitive customer credit card data. 

This integration automates payment workflow, speeds up day-to-day transactions, reduces order-to-cash cycles and substantially reduces processing costs.

Key features of OmegaCube ERP and EBizCharge payment gateway integration

EBizCharge Payment Gateway integrated within OmegaCube ERP

  • Automated payment process from within OmegaCube ERP.
  • Accept payments from customers through Credit card, Debit card and ACH payment.
  • Accept debit card payments through ACH payments from your customers.
  • Auto-import of orders from third-party e-commerce portals, post sales order creation.
  • Option of credit card pre-authorization during sales order creation.
  • Email secure payment links to customers directly from OmegaCube ERP.
  • Access payment and batch transaction history for reporting and analysis.
  • Run custom reports with powerful search functionality.
  • Sort and filter transactions by category.
  • Swiftly release funds to customers in case of refund.
  • Assign users and manage user permissions for more user security.

Enhanced Payment Mobility 

  • Accept Credit card, Debit card and cash payments.
  • Accept payments swiftly from the field using mobile applications on Android and iOS platforms.
  • Print and send payment receipts via Bluetooth functionality.
  • Secure data storage for repeat orders.

Online Invoicing

  • Batch Processing – Charge to multiple customers against multiple invoices at once, post product shipment.
  • Upload invoices to the online customer payment portal automatically. 
  • Let customers access invoice and initiate payments towards it from anywhere, anytime.

PCI Compliant

  • Prevent data-breach and online fraud with PCI compliant payment gateway.
  • Protect sensitive details such as, credit and debit card data, transaction data, customer info etc.  
  • Tokenization & data encryption for robust data security, protection from frauds.

ACH Processing

  • Securely convert paper checks into electronic payments at the point of sale.
  • Accept debit card payments through ACH payments from your customers.
  • Automatically deposit funds directly into a bank account.

Recurring Bills

  • Setup & automate recurring payments within OmegaCube ERP.
  • Integration with accounting module to auto-update invoice paid status.

Low Processing Charges

  • Low transaction charges due to auto-sending line-item and invoice details pre-stored within the ERP.
  • Option of flat rate charges for accepting all credit and debit card transactions.
  • Integrated payment acceptance within OmegaCube ERP.
  • No long-term contracts. 
  • Options for next-day funding.

Key Benefits

  • Plug and play implementation with OmegaCube ERP leading to quick, seamless transition.
  • Allows enterprises to accept customer payments directly to their bank without the need for intermediaries.
  • Automates & streamlines payment workflows, eliminates double data entry, and makes payment processing quick and efficient.
  • Robust transaction and data security at all times.
  • Elimination of manual data entry and general ledger balance work within OmegaCube ERP due to auto-post payments and mark invoices as paid.
  • Lower processing and transaction fees per transaction for enterprises leading to healthy bottom-line.
  • Single, simplified statement and a single point of contact.
  • Quick chargeback resolution with proactive chargeback management team
  • Free customer support with a dedicated, 24/7 in-house, EBizCharge customer support team.


For manufacturing and distribution enterprises, every sale is crucial and they would not want to lose any due to an inability to accept the customer’s preferred mode of payment. By accepting credit and debit card payments, enterprises open their business to a wide-range of customers and have a scope to stay ahead in the market competition.

This is the age where every business aspect is turning digital. By accepting payments from within OmegaCube ERP, manufacturing and distribution enterprises not only automate their payment processes, but save a lot of time, money and manpower required to see, track and record each incoming transaction.

Contact us to know more about how this integration between OmegaCube ERP and EBizCharge will work for your enterprise.