In our previous blog, we highlighted various challenges that manufacturers face with respect to sales tax management and compliance. 

To solve these challenges and streamline the entire process of sales tax management and compliance, we have partnered with Avalara to provide a comprehensive, integrated sales tax management solution to manufacturing and distribution enterprises.

The integration of OmegaCube ERP and Avalara AvaTax enables enterprises to simplify sales tax compliance and efficiently manage exemption certificates, calculate sales tax rates, and prepare returns from within OmegaCube ERP.

How do OmegaCube ERP and Avalara AvaTax integration solve compliance challenges?

Automated Tax Calculations

Automatically calculate taxes based on the latest location-wise tax rules and regulations, thereby ensuring accurate and up-to-date tax numbers for every transaction.

Manage Tax Rate Revisions

Get real-time updates on tax rates and rule changes. This enables businesses to stay compliant with the latest revisions across multiple jurisdictions.

Nexus Alerts

Easily track and get Nexus alerts for each state.

Exemption Certificates

Collect, track and validate exemption certificates to ensure that customers are exempt from paying certain taxes wherever applicable, thereby streamlining the entire process from within OmegaCube ERP.

Tax Filing & Compliance

Automate report preparation and tax return filing to reduce the risk of human errors and consequent penalties associated with non-compliance.

Reporting & Analytics

AvaTax & OmegaCube ERP integration provides comprehensive reporting and analytics tools to provide accurate, real-time insights into tax data and obligations. 

Global Taxation Support

The integration supports various types of taxes such as sales and use tax, Value Added Tax (VAT), and Goods and Services Tax (GST), thereby enabling enterprises to conduct global operations. 

Address Validation

Validate customer and vendor addresses to ensure accurate tax calculation based on the specific tax jurisdictions.

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