I am unable to efficiently manage my Inventory Levels and have little visibility or control over it

Every manufacturer, small or medium or big, would have faced or currently facing this problem of unable to tame the magnanimous giant called Inventory. Imagine a scenario where due to low inventory levels, the entire shop-floor is on standby with machines and personnel staying idle, thereby increasing the queue of the jobs. An emergency procurement of raw materials has been placed with your suppliers but of course, that will take time.

Your customers are slowly running out of patience as this is not a one-time occurrence but a recurring activity. The reputation that you have built for yourself over the years is slowly diminishing. All because, there weren’t enough materials in hand to manufacture or assemble the product.

Current Manufacturing Problems that you Face

  • No visibility to in-hand inventory stock levels.
  • Job scheduling is delayed due to non-visibility of inventory levels.
  • Personnel have to resort to physical inventory counts that are inaccurate and time consuming.
  • Finding a particular part is cumbersome with personnel having to climb shelves to find them.
  • Materials land up late on the shop floor thereby delaying production.
  • Increase in overhead costs due to emergency procurement of materials, production delay, overtime of personnel & machines.
  • Overstocking of inventory leading to cash held-ups and increased warehouse costs.

Balance your Inventory like a Pro with OmegaCube ERP

  • Automate inventory management with the help of third-party tracking technologies.
  • Record vital product information using hand-held devices from anywhere, anytime.
  • Track entire movement of the material, from its procurement till the final product.
  • Maintain master inventory list containing complete information, accessible from anywhere.
  • Track customer and supplier shipments with with third-party shipping and logistics applications.
  • Reduce time to recall and improve customer satisfaction with enhanced product traceability.
  • Maintain optimum inventory levels of critical parts and materials at all times with auto inventory re-ordering.
  • Automate invoice generation for customer and vendor consignments.

It’s time to stop asking the question, “How to maintain optimum inventory levels?”

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