Customers find our Service Unsatisfactory, thereby denting our Market Reputation

The main cause of lack of customer satisfaction and customers complaining about inadequate response to their product-related grievances, lack of timely repairs and resolution is not having enough information in hand about the problem and who will resolve it in a timely manner.

It is the most under rated and neglected department as most of the focus is only on bringing in more sales and ensuring uninterrupted production. But, your next order depends on how you respond to your existing customers in a timely manner and resolve their problem quickly. Efficient service management improves customer satisfaction and your market reputation.

Current Service Management Problems that you Face

  • Response to customer issues take a longer time due to lack of access to customer details, equipment history etc.
  • No visibility on technician and spare parts availability leading to further delay in customer service.
  • Service tickets and updates are done manually thereby becoming vulnerable to losing valuable information.
  • Service scheduling is done hap-hazardly without knowing the availability of technicians, spare parts and equipment.

Automate your Customer Service Management with OmegaCube ERP

  • Improved & efficient customer service due real-time, comprehensive details on customer product details, service and defect history.
  • Easy and quick scheduling of customer service by taking into account, service technicians and spare parts availability within the ERP.
  • Improve technician efficiency by sending service schedule, history & other information to the technician’s mobile phone or tablet.
  • Place order for spare parts directly from the supplier or pull from existing inventory stock.
  • Enable service personnel to enter time and expense billing information directly into the service ticket.
  • Reduce time to service, time to invoice to improve customer service levels and cash flow.

It’s time to stop asking the question, “How to increase my customers’ satisfaction levels?”

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