I don’t get real-time updates on what is happening on my shop floor

Machines fail regularly, work orders are hard to track, tools and parts are hard to find and machine maintenance is erratic. The main cause of these issues are limited visibility of what’s happening on the shop floor and the lack of communication between machines and personnel.

In a conventional shop floor setup, machines operate individually and are not connected to a particular monitoring system.

Due to this, the shop floor worker has to constantly, manually keep tabs on machine performance, availability and ensure that work order allocation happens evenly across all the machines. This is easier said than done, as there are multiple orders to attend to simultaneously and multiple machines to monitor. In the rush of completing customer orders, machines are over-worked leading to their breakdown and production disruption.

Current Manufacturing Problems that you Face

  • Work Orders are manually created on paper and passed from one phase to another or on spreadsheets and updated later.
  • Machines break down abruptly leading to chaos on the shop floor and delaying production.
  • There is no track of what is the inventory available to carry out production, how much material is consumed during production and how much rework is required.
  • Machines lie idle without the shop floor personnel knowing about it.
  • Multiple orders get piled up without the means to prioritize and allocate them to machines and personnel.
  • Machine maintenance is poorly managed leading to frequent machine breakdowns.
  • Cannot determine Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) for the machines and equipment.
  • Overhead costs increase with labor overtime costs, machine repair, delayed production, customer dissatisfaction etc.

Make Shop Floor, the HERO of your Manufacturing Operations with OmegaCube ERP

  • Automated Work Order management with WO creation, job prioritization, allocation and shop floor dispatch.
  • Real time shop floor operation status visible to personnel at all times.
  • Auto update of work orders post completion of each manufacturing stage.
  • Improved mobility for shop personnel with job status entry from handheld devices and machine consoles.
  • Real-time shop floor information on quantity of materials consumed, inventory available, scrap quantity, job rework etc.
  • Efficient inventory movement tracking with the help of third-party tracking applications.
  • Create and maintain overall information on machine repair, spare parts, bill of materials, preventive maintenance, repair schedules, procedures, instruction manuals etc.

It’s time to stop asking the question, “How to know what is happening on my shop floor in real-time?.”

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