I struggle to Comply with various Quality Compliance Standards across various Industry Segments

Quality is Paramount.

The greatest challenge for manufacturers is monitoring each quality parameter at every manufacturing stage to ensure a high-quality end product that complies with industrial quality regulations and standards.

A small misstep is enough to affect product quality leading to mass recalls, loss of market reputation, increasing recall and repair costs, loss of normal production and even industry sanctions due to non-compliance. After all, the whole existence of a manufacturer hinges on the quality of their product.

Current Manufacturing Problems that you Face

Shop floor and production planning personnel work on various different versions of documents

Machine breakdown issues, tool related problems are manually recorded and tracked

Defective shipments are identified after customer complaints and not proactively identified on the shop floor

It is impossible to detect quality issues at each stage of production thereby making quality compliance a difficult task

Scrap and rework information are manually recorded and tracked

Quality inspections are reactive rather than proactive

Make Quality reach its Paramount Importance within your Enterprise with OmegaCube ERP

Digitally record & track non-compliance and quality control data to a centralized location for more accuracy & quick data accessibility

Quality inspection can be easily entered at operator terminal

Conduct in depth quality analysis for suppliers, parts, shop floor operations

Trace inventory/parts right to its source and track quality levels at each stage of production

All personnel on a single version of document at all times

Easily generate quality control documents for quality audits and inspections

It is time to stop telling “I struggle to Comply with various Quality Compliance Standards across various Industry Segments”

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