I am unable to schedule my production properly leading to delay in customer delivery, loss of margins and profitability

This problem arises as a direct result of not having enough visibility on the movement of materials from suppliers and to the shop floor, allocation of manpower and improper upkeep and maintenance of machines.

When you do not know if there are enough materials in stock or your machines breakdown frequently or there is a crunch in manpower availability, you cannot schedule your jobs accurately, leading to delay in materials arriving at the shop floor, delay in manufacturing and on-time delivery to customers.

These delays eat up your margins, profitability and dents your market reputation.

Current Manufacturing Problems that you Face

  • Scheduling is manually done using spreadsheets, sticky notes and writing board.
  • Customer orders are taken based on assumption that materials, manpower and machines are available at a given point of time.
  • Job prioritization is a mess as they are executed randomly and not because of their due dates.
  • Every job on the shop floor becomes an emergency job due to lack of visibility.
  • Material procurement from suppliers and shipping times are not considered while scheduling jobs.
  • Product quality takes a hit as jobs are manufactured and shipped quickly.
  • Overhead costs increase, margins decrease due to delay in production.
  • Customers are unhappy due to late deliveries consistently.

Become the Master Planner that your Manufacturing Enterprise needs with OmegaCube ERP

  • Improved on-time delivery to customers with automated production schedules.
  • Streamlined supply chain collaboration and planning based on demand & availability.
  • Accurate capacity planning based on resource availability and real-time data.
  • Improved shop floor productivity through activity auto-alerts to personnel.
  • Improved customer satisfaction with order and shipment tracking via self-service portal.
  • Manage expedited job schedules with auto simulation of jobs.
  • Accurate schedules & customer due dates based on factual real-time data.

It’s time to stop asking the question, “How to schedule production and deliver goods on time?”

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