I do not have visibility on my Sales Numbers & cannot cater to Customer Demand in a timely manner

Sales is the lifeline of your manufacturing enterprise and helps it stay afloat. When you do not know, where will your next order come from, it effects every area of your business including overall sales growth. Production slows down, cash flows reduce to a trickle, employees are forced to go, machines lie idle, bottom line plummets, overhead costs increase and you end up watching your competitors grow over you.

Current Manufacturing Problems that you Face

Responding to RFQs, building quotes and detailed estimates takes a lot of time leading to customers moving to competitors

Customer order entry and updates are manually driven leading to human errors and inaccuracies

It is difficult to arrive at accurate Job costs and sales margins for each customer order

Customers do not have visibility to shipment details, location tracking, and material certifications, sales invoice etc.

Customer prospect information are manually recorded, stored in various physical forms and spreadsheets

Sales and demand forecasts are inaccurate due to lack of proper historical record of sales data and reporting

Breathe Fresh Life into your Sales Funnel with OmegaCube ERP

Automatically record Sales orders with e-commerce and ERP integration

Instantly generate detailed quotations, cost estimates and calculate profit margins based on various parameters available in real-time

Enhance ease of ordering, shipment tracking and order fulfillment for customers with self-service portals

Maintain prospect and customer data, callbacks, appointments and other sales information for easy and quick accessibility

Use in depth sales analytics to derive sales and demand forecasts. Use historical data to find out profitable customers & retarget them

It’s time to stop telling, “I do not have visibility to my Sales Numbers”

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