Are your production & delivery deadlines getting delayed because of ineffective communication? 

Are your personnel not sure of the activities & tasks they have to do next? 

Are they spending time, manually tracking task completion, and then informing others about it?  

Action Items & Alerts in OmegaCube ERP  helps manufacturing and distribution personnel to stay on top of their day-to-day tasks and get things done on time. It helps communicate key action items and operational alerts to personnel right away. It eliminates manual, paper-backed methods of communication, and greatly improves operational efficiency & personnel productivity. 

Let’s look at how it works within OmegaCube ERP. 

Alerts & Notifications

OmegaCube ERP’s Alerts & Notifications notifies personnel about key operational elements when they occur or get completed. It also allows managers to define alert triggers to specific personnel after completion of each operation. Some simple examples include,

  • Personnel get low-inventory alerts for key items once they drop below a specific threshold.
  • Shop floor personnel are alerted when a Work Order has been assigned to them.
  • Shipping department gets notified when an order is to be shipped to the customer.
  • Field personnel get alerted when a service call has been assigned to them.
  • Customers get regular notifications on their order acknowledgement, ETA progress, shipment, and delivery status. 
  • And more.

Timely alerts help personnel to make quicker decisions and ensure successful completion of tasks at each manufacturing stage. Dependency on reports is drastically reduced as personnel can focus on specific data sets for quick decision making. Additionally, personnel can easily drill down from summary alerts to detailed lists, to individual transactions for quick data accessibility.

With alerts and notifications, communication gets automated, and greatly reduces  the possibility of missing out on a task/important update that impacts operations.

Action Items

OmegaCube ERP helps enterprises to define action items based on their operational workflows and individual roles. It helps personnel to focus on what they should do at each operational stage. 

Personnel get a summary of key action items through the workflow dashboard screen, enabling them to know, act and track activities at all times. It guides them through the entire workflow till their task is completed. 

OmegaCube ERP enables system-generated actions to create purchase requisitions, purchase orders, RFQs to suppliers, work orders to shop floor personnel, sales orders to front-desk employees,  and much more.. 

This enables enterprises to comprehensively work toward their business objectives without unnecessary  disruptions. 

Access on the Move 

There are many instances where personnel might not always be at their workstations. Therefore, they could miss out on potential alerts and notifications that arrive on their workstation computers.

The good news however, is with OmegaCube ERP’s mobility feature, personnel can access the ERP on their smartphone and tablet devices from anywhere, anytime.  This means that they get every notification at each manufacturing stage – regardless of their location – thereby improving their response-time, decision-making, and productivity.

This, of course, improves the overall effectiveness of the alerts & notification feature as it reaches the right personnel at the right time.   


The Action & Alerts feature in OmegaCube ERP effectively speaks to one of the vital aspects of manufacturing and distribution operations –  communication. It automates communication workflows between branches, departments and personnel. 

It eliminates manual intervention and paper-based methods of communication, thereby saving enormous amounts of time, energy and resources. Not to mention, avoidable human errors that impact planning and production. 

Personnel get crucial data and alerts at the right moment, helping  them make quick decisions and avoid delays. Overall, the enterprise functions like a smooth, well-oiled machine thereby increasing productivity. 

Get in touch with us today for an in-depth demo of OmegaCube ERP’s Action & Alerts feature for your enterprise.