Made-to-order manufacturing has increased substantially, as customers have diverse, customized requirements. It is very difficult for manufacturing enterprises to meet custom-product manufacturing with normal processes. They will have to change a lot of parameters based on product type, quantity and quality in order to fulfill them and OmegaCube ERP’s Product Configurator helps them do it. 

A product configurator helps manufacturers to create rule-based solutions that lets them meet made-to-order, configure-to-order, assemble-to-order and engineer-to-order requirements. It lets them configure custom features, include additional components, routings, BOM generation rules, pricing rules etc. 

In one of our previous blogs, we had elaborated on how an ERP’s Product Configurator feature saves immense time and cost for manufacturing enterprises. 

In this blog, we will look at some case scenarios where OmegaCube ERP’s Product Configurator feature has successfully worked for certain industries.

Product Configurator for Printing Industry

Offset, flex and digital printing involves printing of envelopes, business cards, brochures, invitations, greeting cards and other stationary. The configuration and pricing primarily depends on the type of product, style, size, paper series, paper weight, paper color, paper finish and options such as, ink coverage, type of ink, peel and seal, typesetting, proofing, rush order etc. Based on the configured routing, shop floor operations are scheduled and tracked with simple barcode scanning that provides production visibility for better customer support. 

For label and package laminators, the system prices the products by number of impressions, feet, square inches or pounds based on materials used for each layer, colors, ink, master and finished web dimensions.  The configurations consider press, cylinder, plates, other equipment and parameters such as, ink coverage, press speed, lamination speed, and slit rate etc.  All this information feeds into the planning and downstream processes such as, lot traceability and label printing. 

Product Configurator for Gun & Knife Industry  

For a custom rifle barrel manufacturer, a product is configured and priced based on contouring features like material, contour type and number, twist, breech length and diameter, muzzle diameter, finish length etc. and rifling specifications of bore,  groove and neck.  Additional options like chambering, crown/recrowning, engraving and cases help determine the final price.  Configured orders are then batched for production based on various specifications for optimal shop efficiencies. 

For custom knife manufacturers, product are configured and priced based on type of knife (folding or fixed), handle and blade types, size, left-right orientation, materials and finish. Additional options include engraving, and lanyards types.  Orders are grouped for production based on primary blades & handle types for operational efficiencies and later separated for order finishing. 

Product Configurator for General Machining and Assembly

Specialty pump manufacturers use the product configurator to determine specifications of both wet and drive end of their pumps based on models, required torque ratings, suitable impeller diameter, motor frame type, gaskets, bearing and collar systems.  Bill of materials and routings are dynamically determined based on the specifications.  Both purchased material planning and scheduling of component production are optimized for lean inventory and on-time shipments. 

Tool Manufacturers use the product configurator to configure and price, both simple and complex tools like saws, tool holders, collets, tools and tool related supplies.  Configurations are possible for both new products and servicing existing products. The system automatically generates required BOMs as well as routers for individual components along with assembly routers using these components as well as purchase components like fasteners.  

Product Configurator for Sleep Product Industry

Custom conventional sheets and comforters are configured and priced using width, length and depth of mattress. The product configurator presents various options such as, fabric, color, pillowcase size and quantity, split, attached splits, wings, anchors, radius, corner slits and pockets for the user to choose from.  After the necessary configuration, the system automatically computes the cut dimension considering the shrinkage of the fabric and the optimized layout. 

Custom mattresses are configured and priced for each size with choices of soft, medium or firm latex type for each layer of the mattress. Additional options include types of topper and springs. Configured orders are used to compute the material requirements and to optimize the latex cutting. 


Looking at the case scenarios of each industry, it is very clear that OmegaCube ERP’s product configurator capability adds a lot of punch to sales and manufacturing operations. It enables manufacturers to, 

  • Quickly come up with accurate designs by easily configuring customer requirements before production. 
  • Swiftly create accurate BOMs and quotations for complex requirements.
  • Keep a comprehensive record of parameters and configurations done in previous orders. Manufacturers can then use this as a ready reckoner for future orders.
  • Reduce overall production time as less time is spent on configuring and pushing the sales order to the shop floor.
  • Meet unique product requirements of customers and open the scope for more customized, and complex orders. 

We will be covering other industries who are using OmegaCube ERP’s Product Configurator feature to meet their customers’ unique needs. Stay tuned!

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