ERP for Manufacturing and Distribution

Built for Manufacturing and Distribution Enterprises

OmegaCube ERP is an end-to-end integrated system that is adaptable to your business process. The enterprise software helps you to become increasingly responsive to changing customer demand, seamlessly execute your business processes & workflows, and improve shop-floor & workforce productivity. 

Maintain your Competitive Edge. Always

Seamlessly transform your manufacturing or distribution organization into a well-connected enterprise running on improved business processes and automated workflows.

Expand the Scope of Business Operations

Integrate OmegaCube ERP with a host of third-party applications to increase production speed, data automation, improved material control & utilization, product traceability, etc.

Transform your Enterprise into a Digital Workhorse

Stay ahead of your competition with OmegaCube ERP’s advanced digital features and capabilities. Ensure total collaboration, continuous communication, and real-time information sharing between stakeholders.

Complete Flexibility for Uninterrupted Business

Deploy OmegaCube ERP on your premises, or on a public cloud or a private cloud. Get real-time visibility across manufacturing & business operations with 24/7 access from any browser and hand-held device.

Take Calculated Decisions based on Facts

Increase your response time to ever-changing business conditions, get real-time performance visibility with flexible dashboards, advanced analytics, and intuitive business reports.

Watch the video to know more.

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What do our customers think about us?

“People expect that an ERP system will allow them to run their business exactly how they want to, but more often than not the ERP system is the glove and you’re the hand that has to squeeze into it. Not so with OmegaCube. They helped us meet our vision rather than requiring us to formulate our processes around their solution.”

Jeff Adams
Laser Precision, LLC

“We have everything running through OmegaCube and people across all disciplines interact with the system. If we want to know anything about production, sales, a particular job, maintenance on a job, or raw material costs on a job we only have to go to one place to look for it. That’s powerful.”

Dan Carioggia
Interplex Daystar, Inc.

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