Why OmegaCube

The solution that puts you ahead of the competition by helping you solve your business

process improvement problems and help achieve workflow automation goals

Cloud vs On-Premises

You define your deployment option

It should not matter where your application runs from. You have a choice to deploy on-premise, on a public cloud, or on a private cloud. The application is available to you from anywhere, at anytime and from any supported device.

Irrespective of how the system is deployed you still get the full featured system, fast implementation, and flexibility.  You also have the ability to move between the cloud environments and also bring your installation on-premises.

OmegaCube public cloud application is available as a pre-configured application ready to start using quickly. Ask us about this option for your industry.

Technology Platform

Built for flexibility, rapid development and flexible deployment

The strength of OmegaCube solutions is gained from its platform – OmegaCube Edge.

The OmegaCube Edge platform is a web based platform that is designed to create enterprise applications. The entire OmegaCube ERP is developed using this. You have the ability to add additional custom applications utilizing this platform and option to integrate them into the ERP common database. The platform is designed with cloud computing in mind. You have the ability to put your applications to the cloud, on-premises or on a co-location.

The platform has tools to customize existing logic, configure work flows, build new reports, dashboard and event notifications. You also have ability to build applications for tablets, mobile devices, etc. The real power comes from the fact that you have to write very little code for the GUI. Some advanced business logic is written in the database layer.

Learn more about how this advanced technology works and how it helps you in building a robust infrastructure for your business applications.


Combine industry best practices and your competitive advantage

You don’t want to reinvent the wheel and hence it would make no sense to completely customize a new system to do exactly what you did before. This is where OmegaCube comes in. Our solution allows you to adapt your process to standard ERP process where you will gain by industry best practices.

The OmegaCube platform is designed to adapt to your process where you differentiate yourself from your competition. Your people know what works best for your business and software should not be the limiting factor. Our platform let’s you selectively customize, and still allow you to receive the upgrades without overwriting the customization. Most of the customization can be done without writing code.

You have our technology and our expertise to advice you on the decision to customize or not to customize and that’s a huge advantage for our customers.