Maintain your edge

Deep functionality coupled with workflow automation to put you ahead of the competition.

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Cloud or On-Premise

You can choose how you deploy your software and still get the capabilities you need.

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Platform for Flexibility

Utilize a single, comprehensive and expandable platform for all ERP functions.

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Adaptable to your Business

Utilize best practices alongside your unique processes.

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OmegaCube ERP solutions are built for small to mid-size manufacturers and distributors. It’s an end-to-end integrated system, and is adaptable to your business process. The software will help you become more responsive to customer demand, improve your ability to execute and improve your people’s productivity.

ERP For Your Industry

Car Assembly Line, 01


OmegaCube ERP for Automotive helps you keep ahead of constant change inherent in this industry.

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Construction site

Fabricated Metals

OmegaCube ERP for Fabricators helps you stay competitive, agile and drive profit margins.

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Aerospace and Defense

OmegaCube ERP for Aerospace and Defense helps you meet the challenges of your industry while keeping you lean and flexible.

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Medical Manufacturing

OmegaCube ERP for Medical Manufacturing helps you stay agile while meeting regulatory requirements.

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Equipment Dealers and Service

OmegaCube ERP for Equipment Dealers helps you deliver sales and service on customer equipment efficiently.

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Retail and Distribution

OmegaCube ERP for Retail and Distribution helps you optimize every part of your organization.

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Customer Case Studies

  • Marten Machining - With the goals of reduced paperwork, workflow automation and improving efficiency, this medical device manufacturer and precision machine shop implemented ERP. Learn how this manufacturer realized their business goals. [email-download download_id=”926″ contact_form_id=”658″]
  • PD Peterka & Associates - Custom fabricator brings 50% improvement to inventory tracking. PD Peterka and Associates operates 4 manufacturing modes as divisions within the same legal entity. Learn how this manufacturer gained efficiency and reduced complexities in their business. [email-download download_id=”837″ contact_form_id=”658″]
  • Laser Precision - Synchronize demand change with scheduling and material planning Fabricator and parts maker achieves response to demand changes to minutes. [email-download download_id=”825″ contact_form_id=”658″]

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